Jesse Lichtenstein
journalist and poet

these things

➳ Snopes – rumors milled to dust.
➳ UbuWeb – visual + concrete + sound poetry.
➳ – transparent political contributions.
➳ Gold Hill – tabs on the 'hood.
➳ What's going on today in Suriname?
➳ The dirt on gnomes.
➳ You could visit these mounds.
➳ The Loggernaut Reading Series in Portland.
➳ Mercy Corps.
➳ Fabulous things are happening, basketball-wise.
➳ Geek out, basketball stat heads.
➳ Translation keeps nadzieja alive.
➳ A fine place to stay in Leh.
➳ Apparently, these creatures used to crawl all over the place.
➳ Here is a brief, illustrated history of playing cards.
➳ Found city.
➳ Words without borders.
➳ Hours of happiness.
➳ Are you the egg or the spoon?
➳ Some trees are better than others.
➳ Contemporary sports spectatorship.
➳ Thank you, welded tuft.
➳ Flow on, John Day River.
➳ Are "Some Trees" better than "Dumb Trees"?
➳ Here is a tarsier.

these people

➳ A painter progresses.
➳ He cooks en galego. My god, I can vouch for the squid.
➳ She shoots.
➳ He shoots.
➳ She shoots.
➳ She draws.
➳ Silky on the airwaves.
➳ Careful: he has designs.
➳ She dances.
➳ She dances, too.
➳ He's got novel ideas.
➳ As does he.
➳ She is trilogizing black utopias.
➳ He codes with cats?
➳ She writes lovely-ly in several langues.
➳ She sings birdfully and with punch.
➳ Also quite a songbird.
➳ He's good at writing and reporting.
➳ Poets of Illinois and Massachusetts and Tacoma and Portland.
➳ Poets of Portland and Portland and Portland.
➳ Poets of Lawrence and Portland and Portland.
➳ A musician and teacher and poet and generally a girl in trouble.
➳ She will teach you science with her words.